Title : Plastic settlement evaluation of embedded railroads under repeated train loading

Page : PP.97-107

Author(s) : Jiunn-Shyang Chiou, Hong-Syuan Lin, Fang-Yao Yeh, and Yu-Chi Sung

Keyword : Cohesive soil, embedded track, finite element method, plastic strain, plastic settlement, repeated load

Abstract : 

This study proposes a procedure to evaluate the total cumulative plastic settlement due to repeated train loading for designing embedded railroad track foundations. The approach is based on Li and Selig’s method which was developed for ballasted railroads. An illustrative embedded track structure modified from Kaohsiung light rail is analyzed for demonstration. In addition, a parametric study is conducted to investigate the influence of the thickness, stiffness and plastic strain parameters of the subgrade soil and the stiffness of the prepared subgrade on the plastic settlement. The results show that a larger thickness of the subgrade does not necessarily produce larger settlement; the influence of soil strength on the plastic settlement is more significant than that of subgrade modulus; the CL soil can give the largest plastic strain for a low deviatoric stress ratio less than 0.8; the influence of modulus of the prepared subgrade is less significant to the plastic settlement than the thickness of the prepared subgrade.

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