NTUST Scholarship for Continuing International Ph.D. Students for 4th year (or above)

::: 2018-06-11 15:44:25
Dear students,
I am pleased to announce that the application for NTUST Scholarship for Continuing International Ph.D. Students begins from today and will be closed on June 27th, 2018.
You are eligible to apply for this scholarship if you are:
1.     A current Ph.D. student who is going to do 4th year (or above) of doctoral study.
2.     A Master’s student who entered the fast-track Ph.D. program at Taiwan Tech and has been awarded the NTUST Scholarship for a complete period of four years.
Please note that students who are receiving other forms of financial aid from the R.O.C government or other sources are NOT eligible to apply.
Attached is the guideline of this scholarship and the application form. Please read the guideline thoroughly and fill out the application form if would like to apply.
Important points about filling the application form:
1.The application form has 3 pages.
2. Page 1: Your personal information.
3. Page 2: Your publication list. You will need to prove that your papers have been submitted to or published in the SCI/SSCI journals by attaching any kind of proof documents.
    Page 3: Please make sure your advisor reads through the notices on page 3 because he/she needs to shoulder part of your scholarship if you are qualified.

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